ABN/Amro House

Every year during Dutch Design Week, main sponsor ABN/Amro welcomes their guests and organises seminars and presentations at the ABN/Amro House. During the week the pavilion is also used by other partners.

For the design of the ABN/Amro House 2016 we were inspired by the colours and the half squares of the bank's logo. The pavilion was built by wrapping a scaffolding construction in standard green and yellow scaffolding nets, the colours of which match the ABN/Amro logo. When used by other parties than the bank, the whole pavilion could change colour by adapting the lighting in the pavilion's walls. Because of the wrapping method we applied, the scaffolding nets didn't need to be cut up. After the DDW, it could all be unwound, rolled up and re-used in the building industry at a regular scaffolding.


scaffolding construction: Gigant
scaffolding nets: Klokgebouw building team led by Floriaan Willemse
photography: Overtreders W, Jeroen van der Wielen (show)