In 2018, Hester van Dijk and Reinder Bakker of spatial design studio Overtreders W where the art directors of the Klokgebouw during the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven for the third time. In 2016 they introduced 'No Waste' as a theme. They managed to design the three 6000m2 exhibitions under their supervision since then without producing waste. In 2018 they designed a sustainable pavilion inside the Klokgebouw for ABN/Amro, main sponsor of the Dutch Design Week. In the pavilion, named Circl-E, lectures, workshops and other events focusing on sustainable design took place. The pavilion was surrounded by an exhibition about building materials for the circular economy.

The dome shaped Circl-E pavilion was made of PVC-tube borrowed from Wavin and secondhand ceiling tiles from an old office building. The benches consisted of stacked wood and concrete blocks with a soft layer of Metisse felt of recycled jeans on top, held together with straps. On the floor strips of Citumen, a sustainable roof covering made of recycled bitumen, led visitors through the exhibition.

All new materials were borrowed and left unharmed. They could be returned to the original owners: they did not need to be cut, screwed or glued in the construction of the pavilion. The secondhand materials used were recycled afterwards.


client: Dutch Design Foundation
year: 2018
location: Klokgebouw, Eindhoven
built by: Frits Ham
photography: Jeroen van der Wielen Mees van den Ekart