The roof that goes up in smoke

“The roof that goes up in smoke” was the meeting space for art festival, an event celebrating All soul's day. It consists of two large picnic tables, a floating roof and a wood stove. The inflatable roof is filled with hot air heated by a wood stove, the centrepiece of the pavilion, and provides shelter for the bar and picnic tables below. The roof is illuminated at night, providing light for the picnickers heating chestnuts, jacket potatoes, soup or hot chocolate on the stove. The pavilion houses up to 40 people.

“The roof that goes up in smoke” is for rent; please send us an e-mail for details.


nominated for the Dutch Design Awards 2011

Design Korea
Diseño Interior

client: schatten van brabant
location: flexible
completion: 2010
photography: Reinder Bakker
realisation: Overtreders W