Groot Speijck

Interior design for a visitor's centre of Natuurmonumenten in Oisterwijk, in the south of the Netherlands.

To create a cosy and yet contemporary atmosphere in Groot Speijck, we furnished the restaurant-cum-visitor centre with a mix of second hand and new furniture: chairs from the old forest restaurant Groot Speijck were restored and reused, the bar was made of the old wall panelling, for the garden room we bought second hand wooden chairs of the type that can be seen on old photographs of Groot Speijcks terrace. The shop displays consist of antique cupboards on new pedestals.

Some of the interior elements tell stories about the nature reserve in which the building is located. The chandeliers consist of 130 glass lampshades shaped a few thousand times enlarged diatoms, unicellular algaea that are found in the fens in the area. The tabletops display 20 anecdotes about plants and animals around the building. The tiles on the wood stove and the heated wall show a forest maze in which squirrels, birds and spiders wander between the branches.


client: Natuurmonumenten
location: Van Tienhovenlaan 4, Oisterwijk
architect: FBW Architecten
year of realisation: 2015
design and realisation diatom chandelier in cooperation with: Carina Riezebos
illustrations on tables: Marleen van der Linden
realisation: Ham, Post en Van Huystee, Overtreders W
photography: Jorn van Eck