Hotel Buiten

In cooperation with designer Elmo Vermijs and managers Jeroen Jonkers and Albert Groothuizen, we're developing Hotel Buiten, an ecological outdoor hotel consisting of single room pavilions.

The location of the future hotel is at a stone's throw from the city centre of Amsterdam, at two small islands overgrown with trees and grass. People from Amsterdam and tourists from abroad will have an experience unique to Amsterdam: an exclusive stay in the park's urban nature. Outdoor recreation with a luxury feel. A place where the city, nature, art and design are connected.

In the summer of 2012 we have already started with Café Buiten, to explore the spot and bring it to life. Café Buiten is open on fridays, saturdays and sundays.


facebook: Hotel Buiten
in cooperation with: Elmo Vermijs
management: Jeroen Jonkers Albert Groothuizen