The cook, the farmer, his wife and their neighbour

Vegetable garden with Neighbourhood kitchen in Amsterdam Nieuw-West.

“The cook, the breeder, his wife and their neighbour” builds further on the history of Amsterdam Nieuw-West literally being a garden town. “look-only-green”, flower beds you can look at but that you are certainly not allowed to step on, were turned into a public garden again. A garden that is planted and maintained by the residents together (a regular group of 22 families). Gardening and cooking together became a way for the inhabitants of Geuzenveld Slotermeer to share their knowledge and skills and to reclaim their neighbourhood.

We designed and built the interior of the kitchen and helped in the realization of the project.

The newspaper with an extensive report of this project can be ordered, for free, by sending an e-mail.


The cook, the farmer, his wife and their neighbour
Landschapsarchitectuur en stedenbouw in Nederland 2010

client: Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
location: Amsterdam Nieuw West
completion: 2009
in cooperation with: Ooze architecten , Henriëtte Waal , Lucia Babina , Merijn Oudenampsen , Marjetica Potrc
photography: Reinder Bakker, Sjoerd Knibbeler, Henriëtte Waal
realisation kitchen: Overtreders W