No Waste - Dutch Design Week 2016

Designers Reinder Bakker and Hester van Dijk (Overtreders W) were 2016’s art directors for the Klokgebouw during Dutch Design Week. As a theme for the exhibition they chose “No Waste”. Our global consumption pattern is turning our valuable natural rescources into a useless heap of scrap at an enormous speed. At the Klokgebouw, a selection of interesting projects was shown in which designers and companies or industries joined forces to reduce waste, by investigating new materials and production methods.

Furthermore, the entire exhibition was built with recycled materials and leftovers from industrial processes, in order to avoid producing extra waste for the exhibition. For example, we made benches of rejected Interface floor tiles, and emphasized the routing through the building using sunscreens produced by Verosol with small production flaws.

In addition to the art directorship of the main exhibition at the Klokgebouw, Overtreders W designed two special venues: the exhibition 'The Making of Your World' and the ABN/AMRO House.