Mobile stage for a circus show.

We see three people, looking upon them from above. The three are surrounded by high walls, there doesn't seem to be an exit. Freedom of movement is limited, they seem to be trapped inside a cubical container. But they're not trying to escape. In this strange habitat they explore the relationship they have with each other, their perspective and freedom. And maybe the freedom of the spectator as wel. Because what is freedom for real?

The performance takes place in and on the decor placed in public space. The audience are on a higher level than the perfomers, looking down on them. They could have more power than the three on the floor, but soon it turns out the performers can easily reach to the height of the audience, and even higher, by means of acrobatics


client: Tent
show developed by: Zinzi Oegema & Hanneke Meijers
artists: Anouck Le Roy, Erik Glas, Johan Sjölund
decor built by: Dok
supported by: Amsterdam Fund for the Arts, Creative Industries Fund