Pixel Tunnel

Wall decoration for cycle tunnel in Zaanstad.

When we were asked to design a graffiti-proof wall decoration for a cycle tunnel, we discovered that ceramic tiles are the only material graffiti can easily be brushed off from. We came up with the idea to use the tiles to make 10x10cm pictures, whereby each tile forms a pixel of the picture.

To involve the inhabitants in the design of the tunnel wall, we created the website www.pixelpoort.nl, where you can easily make pixel drawings.

Our call up in local media to join us in the drawing resulted in an enormous response: more than 800 people participated. The eventual picture is a collage of the most beautiful images.


DiseƱo Interior

client: Gemeente Zaanstad
location: Zaandam
completion: 2009
in cooperation with: Maartje Dros, Eric Klarenbeek
photography: Jorn van Eck