Pretty Plastic Plant

Since 2015 we've have been working with bureau SLA on a plastic recycling factory to produce shingles from waste plastic. The factory is up and running now, and the first shingles we produced have become walls of startup units for student companies at the University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam.

We gave shampoo bottles, yoghurt containers, olive jars, bottle caps, discarded garden chairs and leftovers from an injection moulding factory a second - and more beautiful - life. From April until June 2016 the Pretty Plastic Plant can be visited at FabCity Campus in Amsterdam. In the meantime, we continue working on the plastic recyling project, and are now planning to make an entire building out of plastic waste. Keep following us.


design and realisation in cooperation with: bureau SLA
client startup units: University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam
location: Leeuwenburg, Weesperzijde 190, Amsterdam
year realisation: 2016
realisation startup units: Ham, Post en Van Huystee
photography: Jorn van Eck