Plastic tree house

Tree house made of stretch foil. Stretch foil is waterproof, sticks to itself and gets its strength by wrapping multiple layers over each other. A few layers of stretch foil are enough to hang a person in a tree.

The tree hut we made, consisted of a simple wooden form as construction, attached in the tree by wrapping lots of stretch foil around it. This way a space was realised that is no longer outside: the rain is stopped, there is no wind and it’s warmer than outside, but you can still hear the birds sing and feel the hut move along with the wind. >


client: self initiated
location: Almere
completion: 2007
photography: Reinder Bakker, Mick van Dantzig
realisation: Overtreders W, Niels Kerkkamp, Sven Lamme, Mick van Dantzig, Allard Warrink