Sliced Stable

Hospitality space for the dertien hectare exhibition “The woods that see and hear”.

We have re-erected an icon of the Brabant landscape, the barn, and given it a new function: as a hospitality space for visitors to the exhibition. Sliced Stable is a temporary structure housing a café and reading area. One of its main features is a long table with a row of organic herbs planted alongs its centre. An added feature is a viewing platform attached to the roof which offers a view over the entire thirteen acres of the site.

In making this structure we utilised second-hand components including surplus bench seats from a local furniture factory and several items purchased through the Dutch online trading website The roof of Sliced Stable was shrink wrapped in white plastic, a material more commonly seen covering hay bales in the surrounding area.


building it


client: Dertien Hectare
location: het erf van Toine van der Heijden, Heeswijk-Dinther
completion: 2010
photography: Reinder Bakker, Tim Eshuis
realisation: Overtreders W, Michiel ten Kate, Theo Jansen, Multiwrap