Power to the Wild

Exhibition at Het Nieuwe Instituut questioning what we can learn from weeds.

Visitors of the exhibition were asked to pick a certain characteristic - such as careful, colourful or tasteful – they'd like to spread in the city of Rotterdam. These characteristics were written on small labels that were attached with strings to sheets of paper dangling from the ceiling. By pulling the string, the paper sheet, containing information about a species of weed with the chosen characteristic, falls down. On each information sheet there's also a small bag filled with seeds of the weed.

Visitors then had to think of the most favourable way to spread the seeds through the city. For example, they could tinker a small seed container to be attached to a bicycle handlebar, with a small hole in the top through which seeds can be blown away during your cycling trip. Or make a fluffy brooch to which you can cling seeds with small hooks that will fall off at a random moment. The seed spreaders where then photographed, the pictures were uploaded to Instagram.

The entire exhibition was biodegradable: the furniture was made of larch wood and ecoboard, panels made of harvest leftovers. The biodegradable papers were printed with ink based on linseed oil.


client: Het Nieuwe Instituut
developed in cooperation with: De Onkruidenier
built by: Ham, Post & van Huystee
graphic design: Rudy Guedj
photography: Johannes Schwartz, Aad Hoogendoorn, Christopher Dominic