The Making of Your World

During Dutch Design Week 2016 the exhibition 'The making of Your World' shed light on the different roles designers can take on in an ever more complex world:

We support animal welfare and oppose gene technology, yet we still consume massive amounts of products that are at odds with these views. We are against child labour and exploitation, yet we can’t resist buying a T-shirt for 5 euros. As users and consumers of the products that make our daily lives more comfortable, we simply find it difficult to take into consideration their social impact. Sometimes we want to, but we don’t know how. More often, however, we have no idea whether products meet the standards that, in theory at least, we expect of them. And that is becoming increasingly difficult in a world where each and every product is the result of hundreds of processes: from mining raw materials to assembling all the separate components into a functioning product. The exhibition The Making of Your World shows how designers can help us better understand what’s at stake.

We co-curated and designed the exhibition. We divided the projects shown in 4 subthemes: loners & networkers, doers & storytellers, simplifiers & visionaries and entrepeneurs & idealists. The entire exhibition was made of leftover MDF and wood that had previously been used for making the exhibition about the Amsterdamse School at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.


The exhibition was part of the It’s Your World program organised by Dutch Design Foundation and the BankGiro Loterij Fonds.

Concept: Bas van Abel, Dutch Design Foundation
Compilers: Bas van Abel, Reinder Bakker, Hester van Dijk, Tim Vermeulen, Dries van Wagenberg
Project management and production: de Projectstudio (Chris van Bockhorst, Stella van Lieshout)
Texts: Willemijn de Jonge, Bas van Lier
Translations: Billy Nolan
Graphic Design: Sanne Vos
Realisation: Marc Spaapen
With thanks to: Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Kossman.dejong, Bouwko Landstra, Exposize